2018 on course to be 4th hottest year on record

A UN agency says 2018 is on track to be the fourth hottest since records began.

The World Meteorological Organisation says the 20 warmest years on record have all been in the past 22 years - while the top four have been in the past four years.

In the year to October, the global average temperature was almost 1°C above the 'pre-industrial baseline'.

Met Office cancels flood and adverse weather alerts

The Met Office has cancelled both the Adverse Weather Alert and Riverine Flood Alert, returning both levels to green.
The Met Office says conditions have settled over southern Trinidad.
It notes, however, that a few showers are still expected to linger into the night.
It is advising citizens to continue to monitor official news sources.
With regards to the Riverine Alert, the Met Office says flood waters have subsided over most areas of southern Trinidad.

Met Office lowers riverine flood alert to yellow

The Met Office has dropped the Riverine Flood Alert from orange to yellow.

The Met Office says water levels continue to decrease over southern Trinidad.

However, there are a few areas still experiencing some flooding.

Additional;u, it notes that rainfall is possible during the afternoon and evening, although the general trend is for river levels to continue to subside.

It says persons should monitor weather conditions and river levels, updates from official sources and plan safety measures, including emergency supplies of food and water.

Penal, Barrackpore under water - residents beg for army's help

Pe­nal/Debe res­i­dents are beg­ging for as­sis­tance from the T&T Reg­i­ment now, as hun­dreds of res­i­dents re­main trapped in their homes by ris­ing flood wa­ters.

With the high tides ex­pect­ed be­tween 11 am to 6 pm, the Pe­nal/Debe Re­gion­al Cor­po­ra­tion dis­as­ter man­age­ment team is work­ing fever­ish­ly to evac­u­ate res­i­dents from ar­eas in­clud­ing Boodoo Trace, Rag­bir Trace, Gopie Trace, Tul­sa Trace, Clarke Road, Rochard Road, Pe­nal Rock Road, Bar­rack­pore Trace and along the Rochard Dou­glas Road.

Met Office cancels Adverse Weather Alert

The Met Office has cancelled the Adverse Weather Alert and has returned the level to green.

It says conditions have settled over Trinidad and Tobago.

However, it says a few lingering showers will continue overnight and a low chance of thunderstorms are expected in a few areas tomorrow.

It notes that it will take some time for flooding to subside in areas that were adversely affected.

A Riverine Flood Alert remains in effect at the orange level and a Hazardous Seas Alert remains at yellow.