Met Office maintains yellow alert as Tropical Wave set to pass north of T&T

The Met Office has maintained a yellow weather alert for Trinidad and Tobago, as a Tropical Wave which now has just a 10 percent chance of formation, is set to pass north of Trinidad.

The Met Office says that Trinidad and Tobago would be mostly sunny at first but becoming variably cloudy as the day progresses with periods of rain/showers in varying localities.

It says showers will become heavy and thundery in a few areas.

More rain expected Friday & Saturday as Tropical Wave approaches

The Met Office is warning of periods of showers and thundershowers over Trinidad and Tobago tomorrow and on Saturday.

This is as a result of a tropical wave that is approaching the Caribbean islands, with a 20 percent chance of formation into a tropical storm over the next 48 hours.

The wave is moving in a west-northwesterly direction.

The Met Office says that the latest data shows that the most intense activity is likely to affect the islands north of Trinidad and Tobago.

It says street or flash flooding is likely in areas of severe downpours.

South, Central Trinidad hit by floods

Disaster management teams plodded through flood-stricken areas Tuesday distributing tarpaulins and foodstuff for dozens of families hard hit by floods in South and Central Trinidad.

While the waters receded in some parts of Claxton Bay, Gasparillo and Gran Couva, high tides coupled with heavy rainfall caused rising flood waters in the low-lying areas of the Oropouche Lagoon.

Along the M2 Ring Road in Debe, motorists had to park on higher ground while floods rose near the Namdevco market.

Met Office discontinues adverse-weather alert

The Met Office has discontinued the adverse-weather alert for Trinidad.
The Met Office says the most intense activity due to the ITCZ has passed.
However, it says a few lingering showers are expected and that flood waters will gradually subside in areas currently experiencing street/flash flooding.
It is advising nationals not to take unnecessary risks but to remain vigilant and continue to monitor official sources for information.

Gran Couva road caves in

Heavy overnight rains have caused the Gran Couva Main Road to cave preventing delivery trucks from entering several communities.

Chairman of the Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo Regional Corporation Henry Awong says vehicles heavier than three tonnes are now banned from entering the area. Teams from the Ministry of Works are on the site assessing the damages.

"The road has caved in so badly that the WASA line is exposed so if heavy vehicles continue to traverse there, the main water line will break," Awong said. He noted that flooded communities in Mamoral and

Adverse-weather alert for Trinidad

The Met Office has issued an adverse weather alert for all of Trinidad.

The Met Office says activity from the ITCZ continues to affect Trinidad and that thunderstorm activity is still being experienced in few areas.

However, it says improvement is expected towards evening.

It notes that street/flash flooding is likely in heavy downpours.

This is comes one-day after torrential showers caused flash-flooding across parts of northern Trinidad.