Ancient Palo Seco volcano rumbles again

An ancient volcano on T&T's Southern anticline at Palo Seco is now active, expelling thick flows of mud and oil from a vent.

Unknown to many, the Anglais Point Mud Volcano is situated on Trinidad's south coast, a few miles from Beach camp, Palo Seco.

However, even though the volcano has been actively expelling thick flows from its core, geologists believe there is no danger as the liquid expulsion does not mean the start of an impending eruption.

Death toll reaches 75 as Guatemala volcano erupts again

The death toll has risen in Guatemala as explosions continue to escalate at the country’s Fuego volcano.

Three days after the volcano’s first eruption, search, rescue and recovery efforts still remain in effect for the millions of people affected by the blasts, with many of the small towns surrounding Fuego covered in thick ash and flowing debris.

In a press conference on Tuesday evening, Sergio Cabanas — the head of the National Coordination for Disaster Reduction of Guatemala (CONRED) — said that 192 people are still reported missing.

International: Death toll in Guatemala volcano reaches 69, expected to rise

The death toll in the volcanic eruption in Guatemala has risen to 69 and is expected to climb further.

A sudden, violent eruption from Guatemala's Fuego volcano spewed a fiery mix of ash, lava and gases, that left residents nearby with little time to evacuate the deadly disaster.

The death toll from Guatemala's National Institute of Forensic Sciences could rise as rescuers struggled to reach the towns that were overrun.

Dazed survivors, covered in ash and some with blood, trudged through their destroyed neighborhoods.

Kick em’ Jenny acting up; alert level raised to orange

The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM) has announced that the Kick em’ Jenny (KeJ) Volcano has now been elevated to an Orange Alert Level.

KeJ is one of the most active volcanoes in the Eastern Caribbean and as such the University of the West Indies – Seismic Research Centre (UWI SRC) instruments may record increased earthquake activity beneath the volcano during sustained periods.

Overnight, during March 11-12 2018, a substantial increase in earthquake activity associated with the volcano was recorded.

Volcano site still closed to public

A small surface vent has started developing in the Devil’s Woodyard mud volcano which erupted on Carnival Tuesday spewing noxious gas and dirt some 20 feet in the air.

The volcano is still inaccessible to the public with police officers guarding the site 24/7.

In an interview, Stefon Harrypersad, a member the Geological Society of T&T, said the appearance of the vent is quite normal. He added that the GSTT team went back to the location on Saturday to continue mapping the site.