Trinidad and Tobago

Cancellations, fire & apparent sabotage - Here's a list of the seabridge issues so far in 2018

In the three months from the beginning of this year to now, the Port Authority has sent over 30 news releases to the media making announcements on issues relating to the inter-island ferry services.

These announcements ranged from the shutting down of vessels, scheduled repairs, apparent sabotage, delays, missed schedules, changes to sailing times, supplemental services and of course, cancellations.

While this problem started more than a year ago, we've compiled a list of some of 27 key media releases issued in just the last three months of 2018 alone.

50 stranded as water-taxi shuts down off North Coast

Panic broke out onboard a water taxi servicing the seabridge this afternoon when the vessel stalled, leaving dozens of passengers stranded.

The vessel shut-down just off the North Coast of Trinidad with approximately 50 passengers on board.

Smoke was seen coming from the back of the vessel, leading many to believe a fire broke out on the boat.

Passengers had to be later transferred to the Cabo Star and a Coast Guard vessel.

One passenger onboard the "Trini Flash" told us the water-taxi began servicing the seabridge between Trinidad and Tobago only today. 

Dwayne Bravo hoping to play in World Cup

Dwayne Bravo is hoping to get the chance to play for the West Indies at the 2019 Cricket World Cup in England. The regional side qualified on Wednesday by beating Scotland in its final Super Sixes match in Zimbabwe at the Cricket World Cup qualifiers.

Speaking to the Times of India, the bigger Bravo congratulated the team on qualifying before saying, “It is a young team. The cricketing world loves to see West Indies and love to see West Indies competing with the best. I wish them all the best. Hopefully, I would get to play in the World Cup as well.”

Arima businesses forced to pay $300 coward tax

The Police Service is now investigating a claim that some 27 Arima business owners and some residents were threatened by a Muslim organisation, forced to sign a document and extorted for protection or security money.

Yello Media, CPL sweep Caribbean cricket into the digital age

The Caribbean Premier League (CPL) and the Yello Media are set to take cricket in the Caribbean into the digital age. Yello Media, a digital and print advertiser, signed a new three year partnership designed to create community support, commerce, and engagement through  cricket, a CPL media release said.