Stephen Williams

Parliament to debate nomination of Stephen Williams for top cop

The parliament will have to sit again next Friday to discuss the nomination of Stephen Williams as commissioner of police.

The parliament has proceeded on July August vacation and means it will have to sit in emergency session to discuss the notification from the police service commission.

Last week, the parliament rejected the nomination of Harold Phillip who was the second-ranked nominee.

Once the parliament rejects a nomination, the constitution provides that the next ranked candidate is submitted for consideration.

Investigation launched into shooting incident involving two police officers

Acting police commissioner Stephen Williams has ordered an investigation into a shooting incident between two senior ranking police officers.

CNC3 news understands that around 9:30 pm on Wednesday, both officers, a corporal and a sergeant, were in the vicinity of Ruby Tuesday at the Grand Bazaar mall in Valsayn when it is reported they got into an altercation.

During the fracas, it is reported that both men drew their firearm and shot at each other.

Williams to act for another six months

Stephen Williams has been given his 13th extension as the country’s acting Commissioner of Police (CoP) for the next six months.

Williams received his appointment on Holy Thursday from the Police Service Commission extending his acting position effective April 1 to September 30.

This was confirmed yesterday to the T&T Guardian by the Police Service Commission’s (PSC) Assistant Director Public Education, Rae-Ann Harper-Walters.

Police Commissioner saddened by death of police officer

Top cop Stephen Williams is extending condolences to the friends and family of slain police officer Richard Babwah, who was shot and killed during a robbery, in Arouca, yesterday.

The following is a press release from the TTPS: