Cancellations, fire & apparent sabotage - Here's a list of the seabridge issues so far in 2018

In the three months from the beginning of this year to now, the Port Authority has sent over 30 news releases to the media making announcements on issues relating to the inter-island ferry services.

These announcements ranged from the shutting down of vessels, scheduled repairs, apparent sabotage, delays, missed schedules, changes to sailing times, supplemental services and of course, cancellations.

While this problem started more than a year ago, we've compiled a list of some of 27 key media releases issued in just the last three months of 2018 alone.

Hoteliers hoping for Easter recovery

Tobago hoteliers are keeping their fingers crossed that the T&T Spirit will return to service on the seabridge soon.

The vessel has been out of service since June last year when it went on dry dock, leaving its sister ship the T&T Express operating solo on the route. Works and Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan said he expects the vessel would be “out from dry dock soon.”