Property Tax

150,000 eligible for property tax waiver

Finance Minister Colm Imbert is seeking to clarify how the property tax will work and he is making it clear that it does not include dog houses or duck ponds.

In a tweet this morning, Minister Imbert said the property tax is based on the rental value of properties and not the capital value.

He goes on to say that minor structures like a dog house, duck pond or fowl coop cannot possibly increase the tax payable since it does not increase the rental value of a property in any significant way.

Finance Minister: No tax on fowl coops, duck ponds or dog houses

The ministry of finance says property owners do not have to pay tax for fowl coops, duck ponds or dog houses.

In a statement this morning, finance minister Colm Imbert says at no time did he state or even suggest property owners would have to pay for fowl pens, dog houses or duck ponds.

Gov't preparing to resume property tax

Nearly a decade after it was suspended the government is now preparing to resume property tax collection.

The validity of the tax has been challenged in the courts and many are still wary of the amended legislation.

But even in the face of widespread criticism, the government maintains the country's coffers stand to benefit.

According to well known chartered surveyor Afra Raymond, those with the most concern are afraid of what will come to light.

West: Property Tax due by September

Government’s Property Tax will become due and payable on or before September of each year, Minister in Finance Allyson West said yesterday.

The collection deadline time of September came as West delivered a statement on the mid year-review in the Senate yesterday. It’s been speculated the tax might begin by September.

Imbert on Property Tax: Squatters without Certificates of Comfort safe

The Valuation of Land exercise to be done prior to Property Tax collection will first deal with people who have deeds and squatters who hold Certificates of Comfort—but those squatters who lack such certificates won’t be dealt with immediately.

Probably not for the next few years, Finance Minister Colm Imbert has estimated.

Imbert confirmed the entire situation in the Senate last Friday where amendments to the Property Tax Act were in final stage discussions.

Collection of tax begins with 50 per cent of all properties are valued and on the valuation rolls.