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PM a no-show at Divali Nagar

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley will not be attending the final night of Divali Nagar celebrations.

PRO of the NCIC Surijdeo Mangaroo said the NCIC received a call early this afternoon from the Office of the Prime Minister staying that Dr Rowley was unable to attend.

There were calls on social media for a boycott of the Nagar should the PM attend as a form of protest against the government.

Mangaroo said the NCIC was disappointed that the PM was not able to attend.

According to him, many provisions were put in place to accommodate him.

PM: Let's continue to embrace the light even after Divali festivities are done

The following is Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley's Divali address.

"On this Divali day, on behalf of the people and Government of Trinidad and Tobago, I offer warm greetings to our Hindu community.

Today we join you as you celebrate one of the most significant religious observances on the Hindu calendar.

I am always heartened to note that Divali is enjoyed by both Hindus and non-Hindus across the country, as persons journey to family and friends to share a meal and witness the remarkable displays of lighted deyas.

PM pays tribute to First Peoples

The following is the prime minister's address in recognition of today's public holiday celebrating the country's First Peoples.

"On behalf of the people and Government of Trinidad and Tobago, I extend warm greetings to the First Peoples of our national community.
In October 2016, I gave a commitment to the First Peoples Community that serious consideration would be given to their longstanding requests for recognition in the form of a one-off national holiday, to formally recognise their presence and contribution to our country.

UNC Women's Arm slams "disrespectful" PM

The Women's Arm of the United National Congress (UNC) is criticising Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley for what it says is disrespect towards women.

The UNC Women's Arm is taking issue with a statement made by the prime minister on Thursday.

It issued the following statement today.

"The UNC National Women’s Arm continues to express it’s distaste towards the continued disrespectful and downright demeaning remarks towards women by the Prime Minister of this country. 

UNC to PM: "You shut up!"

The United National Congress has issued a statement calling on Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley to "take his own advice and "shut up” and stop misleading the people of our country".

The following is a statement issued by the UNC today:

"In his attempt to defend his statement, Rowley claimed that members of the Opposition made negative comments regarding the Government’s plan to offer refuge to Dominican citizens who were devastated by the effects of Hurricane Maria on their island.

There is absolutely no truth to that statement.

PM: "Shut your mouth" comment was misinterpreted

The prime minister is saying his 'Shut Your Mouth' comment was misinterpreted.

Yesterday Dr Rowley shocked some sectors of the public when he said that anti-Caricom sentiment had annoyed Caricom purchasers and those who were making them should just shut their mouth and let Trinidad and Tobago survive.

Some saw it as an attack on free speech. However today Dr Rowley was asked to clarify the statement.

Griffith applauds PM's announcement welcoming Dominicans to T&T

A former National Security Minister is applauding the prime minister for his announcement to waive immigration restrictions so that Dominicans left homeless in the wake of Hurricane Maria can find shelter in T&T.

Gary Griffith says he is confident that all measures will be in place to allow for the integration of Dominican nationals into this country.

He believes the move poses no threat to the safety and well-being of this country's citizenry.

Griffith says the PM's call for persons to open their homes must not be used to gain political mileage.

OPM: JTUM statement on retrenchment misleading

The Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) says a statement by the Joint Trade Union Movement that the government was planning mass retrenchment is misleading.

The OPM says the Government is "very disappointed" at the action of JTUM. 

JTUM issued the following  statement today:

"The statement attributed to the Leader of the Joint Trade Union Movement (JTUM) that the Government had planned mass retrenchment of public sector employees at this time and that this was staved off by Labour's request for a moratorium on this action is absolutely misleading.