$8 million upgrade for ports to accommodate Galleons Passage

Cabinet has approved the spending of close to $8 million by the Port Authority of T&T to get the ports of Port-of-Spain and Scarborough ready for the Galleons Passage.

Port chairman Lyle Alexander told the T&T Guardian yesterday that the Port requested the money to ensure that the pier is ready for when the Galleons Passage arrives.

The vessel inched closer to its final destination yesterday when it arrived in Panama. From Panama the vessel heads to Cuba.

Trouble on the T&T Spirit again as hydraulics prevent docking for over an hour

Less than one week into service the tt spirit experiences problems which delayed the docking at Port-of-Spain.

Port officials confirmed the vessel was unable to berth as a hydraulic hose burst on the starboard side.

The T&T Spirit left Scarborough at 6.25am with 366 passengers and 129 vehicles.

Upon arrival into Port-of-Spain at 9.30 am the crew alerted port officials and the problem was repaired.

The repair works delayed the dismemberment process for one hour and a half.

Passengers say the emergency feature on the vessel was not appropriate.

35 new PTSC buses stuck on port because of administrative tardiness

Thirty-five new buses that were purchased by the Government from China have reached the Port of Port-of-Spain, but cannot be cleared because a “simple documentation” procedure was not done in time for the vehicles’ arrival.

This error has so far cost taxpayers approximately $1.1 million in port storage fees, all because the Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC) failed to write a note seeking Cabinet’s approval for the exemption of Value Added and Motor Vehicle Taxes on the incoming bases.

Someone has stolen a truck waiting on the port with goods for Tobago

A truck full of goods to be taken to Tobago was stolen off Wrightson Road this morning and another was vandalized.

When CNC3 visited the port this morning, the already frustrated truckers who complained of not being able to get onto the Tuesday sailing were further incensed when they learn a ten-tonne trucks full of Nestle products was stolen.

The white Ford vehicle was parked with many others along Wrightson Road, while the driver checked in at the terminal.

T&T Spirit not ready to return tomorrow as previously planned

The Port Authority has announced that it is unlikely that the T&T Spirit will return to service tomorrow as previously planned.

The travelling public was previously advised that all major works to the T&T Spirit were completed.

However, the Port Authority says repairs to the coolers prevented the continuation of the vessels’ sea trials, which are necessary to obtain the certificates to operate on the inter-island service.

The repairs to the coolers were completed on Saturday 17th March, 2018 and the testing continued.