Marlene McDonald

Minister sounds stern warning against staying away from work on Friday

Minister of Public Administration, Marlene Mc Donald is seeking to discourage citizens from adhering to calls made by labour leaders, to stay away from their jobs on Friday.

In a statement issued on Monday, the ministry said the minister wishes to discourage citizens from taking "such irresponsible and injudicious action".

She is reminding public servants that, as a rule, persons employed in the essential services are prohibited from withholding their services whether or not in sympathy with institutions in which they are not employed.

Cabinet colleagues unable to visit 'seriously ill' McDonald in hospital

Public Administration Minister Marlene McDonald remains at hospital but her colleagues have not been able to visit her.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley told a local radio station that McDonald was seriously ill.

CNC3 understands that McDonald was showing early signs of pneumonia.

However, we are told she was admitted to hospital just in time.

On Saturday, a statement from the Communications Ministry advised of the minister's hospitalisation but only stated that she is being treated for an existing medical condition.

McDonald discharged and is okay

Public Administration Minister Marlene McDonald has been discharged from hospital after being treated for low blood sugar levels.

The minister who complained of feeling unwell during Cabinet meeting yesterday was rushed to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex for observation.

Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh told CNC3 today that McDonald was discharged and in perfect health.

He disclosed the minister's blood sugar reading fell to a reading of 43.

However, he said that after observation and treatment, she was allowed to go home.

Marlene rushed to hospital; doctors performing tests

Port-of-Spain East Member of Parliament Marlene McDonald has been rushed to hospital to undergo medical tests.

Initial reports had appeared to suggest that McDonald had suffered a stoke just after 1pm this afternoon but Minister of Communication, Stuart Young confirmed that it was not so.

Young told CNC3 that McDonald was feeling unwell and as a precautionary measure she went to the hospital where medical checks are being conducted.

He said that at this stage, thankfully, it does not appear as though she suffered any stroke or heart attack.

PM: We all deserve a second chance

Despite being adamant that the Government does not associate with criminals when he fired Marlene McDonald as a minister last July, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley says everyone, including McDonald, deserves a second chance.

“In her last outing there was some lack of judgement and we all deserve to get a second chance,” Rowley said during as tour of Bamboo Village, Cedros, as he defended his decision to bring her back into his Cabinet a third time.