PM speaks out against "inaccurate" negative travel advisories

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley raised the issue of countries making inaccurate pronouncements on Trinidad and Tobago saying that this practice has an adverse effect on the nation’s ability to stimulate growth and development.

This is according to a statement by the Office of the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister was speaking at the Commonwealth Business Forum (CBF) Heads of Government Roundtable today when he made the comment.

The Prime Minister noted that Trinidad and Tobago pursues tourism as a viable industry for growth and development.

International: US CIA Chief holds secret meeting with Kim Jong Un

 US President Donald Trump has confirmed that CIA director Mike Pompeo traveled to Pyongyang for a secret meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

 Trump tweeted on Wednesday that a "good relationship" was formed at the meeting last week,

News of the visit first emerged on Tuesday.

US officials were quoted as saying the aim was to prepare a summit between Trump and Kim.

Trump had earlier alluded to high-level direct talks with Pyongyang.

But the unexpected and clandestine meeting marks the highest level US contact with North Korea since 2000.

Reports claim Iraq to execute T&T woman found guilty of ISIS involvement

After initial reports that indicated that a Trinidad and Tobago woman was to be sentenced to life in prison for her role in ISIS, other news agencies are now reporting that she has in fact been sentenced to death in prison.

CNC3 News exclusively reported on the matter on Tuesday.

The UK Daily Mail is among several new agencies that are reporting that the sentence is in fact death.

Rodney Charles questions PM's absence at Caricom Heads meeting with UK Prime Minister

Opposition Member of Parliament, Rodney Charles is questioning the absence of Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley at a meeting between Caricom Heads and UK Prime Minister Theresa May.

The meeting was held in London on Tuesday.

Charles issued the following statement on Wednesday:

OPM: T&T represented at two high-level meetings in London

The Office of the Prime Minister says Trinidad and Tobago was represented at two high-level meetings in London, one of which involved UK Prime MInister Theresa May.

The confirmation came via a statement by the Office of the Prime Minister on Wednesday.

However, it did not state whether the prime minister himself was involved in the meeting with May.

The following is the statement by the OPM.

Arabic media: T&T woman sentenced to life in prison in Iraq for ISIS involvement

An Arabic news agency is reporting that a woman from Trinidad and Tobago has been sentenced to life in prison in Iraq for being a member of ISIS.

A report carried by Al-Araby Al-Jadeed (The New Arab) on Tuesday, says the woman was one of many sentenced for the crime.

The news agency reports that a French woman, two Russians and five women from Azerbaijan were also sentenced to life in prison for belonging to the Islamic State group, the latest in a series of Iraqi court rulings since the country's defeat of the militant group.

One dead after Southwest aircraft apparently blows engine during flight

A Southwest Airlines jet apparently blew an engine at 30,000 feet and got hit by shrapnel that smashed a window and damaged the fuselage Tuesday, killing a passenger and injuring seven others, authorities said.

The plane, a Boeing 737 bound from New York to Dallas with 149 people aboard, made an emergency landing in Philadelphia just before noon.

National Transportation Safety Board chairman Robert Sumwalt said one person was killed. It was the first passenger fatality on a U.S. airline since 2009, Sumwalt said.

Hail falls in Martinique

Media outlets in Martinique are reporting the “very rare” phenomenon of hailstones falling on the Island.

New outlet France-Antilles reports that the event took place on Monday afternoon mainly in the areas of François and Lamentin.

Météo-France has confirmed the event and has described it as “exceptional”.

It said the phenomenon is linked to very dense vertical movement of water drops that go up and down.

It notes that combined with cold air from the American continent, these drops arrive on the ground in the form of hail.

Britain's PM apologises to Caribbean leaders for Windrush controversy

British Prime Minister Theresa May has apologised to Caribbean leaders over the Windrush generation controversy, at a Downing Street meeting.

She said she was "genuinely sorry" about the anxiety caused by the Home Office threatening the children of Commonwealth citizens with deportation.

The UK government "valued" the contribution they had made, she said, and they had a right to stay in the UK.

It comes amid reports some are still facing deportation.

PM & team meet with Shell executives on gas development in T&T

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley led a delegation of energy experts to meet with Shell executives in London today, a statement by the Office of the Prime Minister said.

The Government’s delegation included: Minister of Energy and Energy Industries, Franklin Khan, Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister and the Ministry of the Attorney General and Legal Affairs, Stuart Young, Mark Loquan, President of National Gas Company, Leroy Mayers, Heidi Wong and Richard Jeremie, advisors in the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries.