Int'l: Bernie Sanders announces run for presidency in 2020

Bernie Sanders, the independent senator from Vermont whose 2016 campaign helped energize the progressive movement and move the Democratic party to the left, has entered the 2020 race for the White House.

In an email to supporters on Tuesday morning, Sanders, a self-styled Democratic socialist who spent much of his nearly 30-year political career as an outsider, announced his decision to run again, casting his candidacy as way to accomplish the mission he started in his race for the White House three years ago.

'Rejection of Rowley's Govt' - Venezuela's National Assembly deputy

The Deputy to the Venezuelan National Assembly, Carlos Valero is making his position clear, that the National Assembly rejects the treatment of Venezuelans in Trinidad and Tobago and the Dr Keith Rowley government because of its recognition of the Nicolas Maduro regime.

Last week, Valero issued a statement which seemed to praise the government for the way it handled the situation involving 19 girls who were rescued from sex traffickers.

But Valero issued a statement Monday, saying that his original statement might have been misinterpreted by the Trinidad and Tobago media.

Maduro asks OPEC for help as US sanctions bite

Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro has sought OPEC support against U.S. sanctions imposed on his country's oil industry, citing their impact on oil prices and potential risks for other members of the producer group.

But a source familiar with the matter said the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, of which Venezuela is a founding member, had declined to make any formal statement. OPEC says it is concerned with oil policy, not politics.

No place to call home - Cuban na­tion­als move in­to open field

Fifty-nine Cubans who are seek­ing refugee sta­tus in T&T are liv­ing in de­plorable and un­san­i­tary con­di­tions on a par­cel of agri­cul­tur­al land in War­renville, Cunu­pia.

They moved there af­ter over­stay­ing their time at a near­by ware­house pro­vid­ed by a busi­ness­man.

Last No­vem­ber, po­lice charged them for block­ing the pave­ment in Port-of-Spain af­ter they camped out­side the UN House.

Venezuela's Guaido turns down mediation offers by Uruguay & Mexico

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido said Friday he has turned down offers from the presidents of Mexico and Uruguay to negotiate with embattled Nicolas Maduro, a day before nationwide street protests called to escalate pressure on the socialist leader to step down.

In a letter to both presidents, Guaido urged them to back Venezuela's struggle, saying to remain neutral aligns them with Maduro.

PM, Moses in another emergency CARICOM meeting on Venezuela

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley and Minister of Foreign and CARICOM Affairs the Dennis Moses are participating in another CARICOM Heads of Government emergency meeting related to the situation in Venezuela.

This is according to the Twitter account of the Office of the Prime Minister.

The tweet does not detail the reason for another emergency meeting.

It follows an emergency CARICOM meeting last Thursday, following which Dr Rowley and other CARICOM heads went to the United Nations in New York to outline CARICOM's position.