Brooklax for diarrhea & parents leave children in hospitals for Carnival weekend

Health Minister Terrance Deyalingh has told the Parliament that some parents have been guilty of deliberately giving their children laxatives to induce diarrhea, to have them admitted to hospital over the Carnival periods, allowing the parents to be free for the Carnival weekend.

He made the disclosure while answering questions in the House of Representatives on Friday.

"For Carnival, they start to dump their children into the public health care system from Carnival Friday," the minister said.

Ministry denies Blood Bank closure caused woman’s death

The Min­istry of Health of­fers has de­nied that a 71-year-old woman of Diego Mar­tin died over the Car­ni­val pe­ri­od be­cause the Blood Bank was closed.

The min­istry has al­so ex­tend­ed con­do­lences to the be­reaved fam­i­ly who had claimed that the woman died at the Port-of-Spain Gen­er­al Hos­pi­tal as a re­sult of in­ad­e­quate at­ten­tion by doc­tors. The woman died on Car­ni­val Mon­day.