Education Ministry

Education Ministry assures payment to school maxi taxi drivers

The Ministry of Education says it has put measures in place to verify all invoices for payments to maxi taxi operators who are contracted by the Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC) to transport school children.

The ministry says this decision follows concerns raised by persons from various quarters to carefully review and analyse all requests for payments, in order to ensure quality service and value for money.

Education Ministry: Contact us if you can't get your child into a primary school

The Education Ministry is advising that there is a place for all students seeking to enter primary school in September and says that any parent who has been unable to get his/her child enrolled in a school, should contact the Education District Office.

The latest advice came via a statement by the ministry today.

"The Minister of Education is assuring parents of primary school aged children, carded to enter primary school this September, that all students will have a place.

Education Ministry working on repairs to Princes Town East, Preysal Government

The Ministry of Education says it is working to effectively conduct repairs to the Princes Town East Secondary School as well as the Preysal Government Primary School.

The Ministry issued a statement in relation to the schools' problems today.

"The Ministry of Education is moving expeditiously to repair the malfunctioning heating and ventilation air-conditioning (HVAC) system at Princes Town East Secondary School.

Education Minister condemns school fight; will visit school next week

The Ministry of Education says it is currently investigating a video being circulated on social media of an incident involving a number of female students from the Mayaro Secondary School who were involved in a fight.

Preliminary reports indicate that the incident occurred on Tuesday 14th March, 2017 at 4.06 pm while they were on their way home from school.

A statement by the Ministry says Minister Anthony Garcia "strongly condemns all acts of violence in the school system".

Education Ministry: No long lines by parents wanting to get students into primary schools

The Education Ministry is to monitor, through school supervisors, a practise by primary school principals to screen students who apply for enrollment into their schools.

Acting Leader of Government Business in the Senate, Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat spoke on the issue as he answered a question in the Senate on behalf of the Minister of Education, Anthony Garcia.