Florida resident crushed to death by music truck in Port-of-Spain

A 77-year-old Florida man is dead after being crushed by a music truck in Port-of-Spain.

According to police reports, around 1 pm today, Kingsley Rhodareya was behind a music truck on Duke Street near Victoria Square.

Police believe the music truck reversed to negotiate a bend and hit him.

Officers say he was knocked to the ground and one of the wheels rolled over him.

He died at hospital from severe chest injuries.


Bush fire destroys six PTSC buses

A bush fire in Carlsen Field in Central Trinidad has destroyed six buses belonging to the Public Transport Services Commission (PTSC).

Video and photos show the buses burning as firefighters struggle to put out the blaze and the burnt out skeletons of the buses after the fire was extinguished.

We're told that the buses were not among PTSC's fleet of buses currently in service, but formed part of a group of scores of buses parked in the area that are either awaiting repair work or are used for spare parts.

PTSC will release a statement later on the disaster.

ODPM issues tips to prevent you from making yourself a target

The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM) has issued some tips to help prevent persons playing mas or going to watch the celebrations, from becoming targets.

Among the tips, the ODPM is warning persons not to accept drinks from strangers, and to walk with only what they need.

The following is the ODPM's statement:

"In keeping with the commitment to build the resilience and capacity of Trinidad and Tobago, the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM) wishes to advise all citizens of multiple public safety tips for Carnival 2018.

Coast Guard serviceman dies after falling off vessel

A Coast Guard serviceman has died following an accident at the Coast Guard base at Staubles Bay, Chaguaramas.

A statement issued by the Coast Guard today says that Leading Seaman Deryck Nichols, 37, succumbed to injuries sustained after falling overboard a Coast Guard vessel at Staubles Bay.

The statement adds that he was rushed to the St James District Facility where he was pronounced dead.

The statement adds that the Coast Guard has launched an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Man killed in boat accident

One man is dead and three others warded at hospital following an accident involving two boats.

Details are sketchy, however, CNC3 News has been told that the incident took place shortly after 11 pm on Tuesday.

Reports suggest that two fishing vessels collided off waters close to Erin, South Trinidad.

We will bring more on this story as details come to hand.


Police seek to determine if official report made on fatal jet ski accident

A jet ski accident in Tobago that claimed the life of a primary school pupil is now engaging the attention of the police.

According to Acting Senior Superintendent of the Police Service Tobago Division, Joanne Archie, an investigation has been launched to determine whether any official report was made regarding the incident.

According to her, a team has been dispatched to speak to the victim's family.

Last month, Shem Murray was involved in a jet ski mishap.

Widen search for diver to Grenada, Venezuela

Hope for finding missing diver Chevonne Bartholemew alive grew dimmer yesterday.

Bartholemew went missing on Monday in a routine dive off Gasparee Island and his wife, Pete-Ann, is now pleading for the search to widen to as far as Grenada and Venezuela.

She said even though her husband’s oxygen tank would have run out of air by now, she said he could be drifting somewhere in the ocean, possibly outside of territorial waters.

She does not believe there is any foul play in his disappearance.

MY EYE: Dangerous concrete slabs

This photo shows a dangerous concrete slab along the Old St Joseph, Laventille, east of Pashley Street.

It was sent to us via the My Eye feature on the new CNC3 App by "Lorna".

Lorna says, "These concrete slabs that should be part of the sidewalk are just stacked one on top the other causing pedestrians to walk out into the street."

We do hope that Lorna's concerns are addressed by the authorities.

Thank you Lorna, and remember you too can send us your photos and video via the My Eye feature after downloading the new CNC3 App.