Colm Imbert

Imbert lays documents related to Galleons Passage in Parliament

Finance Minister Colm Imbert says he hopes misinformation about the Galleons Passage will finally be put to rest.

Today Minister Imbert laid all documents in the Parliament related to the acquisition of the vessel.

It comes just days after the Opposition moved a motion demanding all the information.

Imbert hits back at economists again

Finance Minister Colm Imbert is once again hitting back at economists.

Speaking at a PNM rally last evening in Barataria, Minister Imbert says the government has collected more money in tax than initially projected but the economists are not accepting the figures.   

Last month, Minister Imbert criticised five economists saying they were unfair and biased when commenting on how the government is managing the economy.

And on the energy front, the Finance Minister says that while gas production is up, the government is yet to see the returns.