McDonald's brings joy to children in closing days of school vacation

McDonald’s, Cipriani Boulevard, was transformed into a family fun zone on Friday 24th August for its grand Family Day event hosted by popular entertainer Tim Tim.

As the school holidays near a close, children and their families at the event enjoyed the special experience and participated in creative activities such as a mini fishing pond, Minute to Win It, sketch art, face painting, balloon art and games.

The Family Day was free to the public, and patrons revelled in the festive atmosphere with music and tasty meals.

Father gives children marijuana tea for asthma

Police are expected to send a report to the Children’s Authority for an investigation into the well-being of two children after their father admitted to serving them marijuana-infused tea to treat their asthmatic condition.

The 25-year-old fisherman, who lives along the old train line community at King’s Wharf, San Fernando with his children, ages two and three, pleaded guilty to the possession of marijuana when he appeared at the San Fernando Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

Daly: Police stats don't necessarily mean fewer crimes against children

Even though the T&T Police Service reported a 12 per cent decrease in reports of serious crimes against children in 2018, former chairman of the Children's Authority Stephanie Daly said this does not mean that fewer crimes are being committed against children.

In an interview, Daly said the recent statistics cannot be interpreted to mean there is an actual decrease or increase of child abuse in T&T.

Police: 45% reduction in youths, children charged with criminal offences

Police say the Child Protection Unit (CPU) of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) has registered a 45% reduction in the number of youths or children charged for criminal offences for the comparative period January 1st to May 19th, 2017, and January 1st to May 19th, 2018.

Woman Sgt Michelle Lewis of the Child Protection Unit told a news conference today that the total number of child offenders for the periods are 96 and 53 respectively.

Young children slowly becoming victims of cyber bullying—cops

The Cyber Crime Unit of the Police Service is waiting with bated breath for the passing and proclamation of the Cybercrime Bill 2017 as it will assist directly in its respective investigations.

This was yesterday disclosed by Sgt Daniel Hernandez of the Cyber Crime Unit during the weekly police press briefing held at the Police Administration Building, in Port-of-Spain.

Hernandez said that as for now they are “a bit challenged” as they have to rely on other pieces of legislation.

Over 200 students in Arima constituency treated to 'Black Panther' movie

More than 200 students from ten primary schools in Arima, were today treated to a special viewing of the blockbuster movie, Blank Panther at the Caribbean Cinemas 8, Trincity Mall.

The viewing was an initiative of Education Minister and Member of Parliament for Arima, Anthony Garcia.

The group of Standard Five Students was selected from the Arima Girls’ Government, Arima Boys’ Government, Arima Boys’ R.C, Arima Girls’ R.C, Arima Hindu Primary, Arima Centenary Primary, Blancisseuse Government Primary, Brasso-Seco R.C, Aripo R.C and Santa Rosa Government Primary Schools.

Health Ministry: Hand, Foot & Mouth disease limited to small group of children

The Ministry of Health is advising citizens that a few suspected cases of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease have recently been reported in a small group of children at a specific location in Trinidad.

The ministry says there is no serious public health risk for Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD) at this time.

The symptoms of HFMD are:

• fever

• painful sores in the mouth

• a rash with blisters on hands, feet and buttocks