Bureau of Standards to ensure you get what you pay for at fuel pumps

The Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards (TTBS) has started a fuel verification exercise to ensure that consumers get value for money at the gas station pumps.

The activity which commenced on June 4 at the UNIPET service station in Brentwood Chaguanas involves the verification of each dispenser to guarantee that the amount of fuel distributed at each pump reflects the amount paid for by the consumer.

Each verified pump will be labelled with a sticker and the location certified by the TTBS with verification checks recurring every six months.

TSTT's Henry Street offices closed until Thursday

TSTT is advising that its “Main Complex” offices located at 57-67 Henry Street, Port of Spain, will remain closed until Thursday 7th June to facilitate critical repairs to key safety systems.

TSTT says that in order to minimize the disruption to staff and customers, the following arrangements have been put in place on an interim basis. 

150,000 eligible for property tax waiver

Finance Minister Colm Imbert is seeking to clarify how the property tax will work and he is making it clear that it does not include dog houses or duck ponds.

In a tweet this morning, Minister Imbert said the property tax is based on the rental value of properties and not the capital value.

He goes on to say that minor structures like a dog house, duck pond or fowl coop cannot possibly increase the tax payable since it does not increase the rental value of a property in any significant way.

Nigerian appointed new CEO of Atlantic

Effective June 1 2018, LNG producer Atlantic, will transition to a new Chief Executive Officer.

The incumbent CEO, Nigel Darlow, has been at the helm since 2011 and during his tenure, has strengthened Atlantic’s position as a leading global LNG business, with his commitment and drive for excellence.

The company says that before returning to the United Kingdom in July, Darlow will remain in country to support the transition of the incoming CEO.

$35 million ice cream factory brings jobs, forex

The newest company in the Hadco Group is a $35 million factory, Creamery Novelties Limited, located on the eTecK Diamond Vale Industrial Estate in Diego Martin. It is the result of an initiative launched three years ago when businessman Paul Gabriel approached the Hadco Group with a plan to distribute local ice cream. Following discussions and research, a partnership was born.

Hadco is the largest importer and distributor of ice cream products in T&T, responsible for premium brands such as Häagen-Dazs, Breyers, Nestlé, and Ben and Jerry’s.