Fresh produce prices soar after floods

Prices of some types of fresh pro­duce have dou­bled at the South­ern Whole­sale Mar­ket in Debe fol­low­ing last week­end’s ex­ten­sive flood­ing and ven­dors al­so be­lieve price hikes and price goug­ing are keep­ing cus­tomers away.

When a T&T Guardian team vis­it­ed the mar­ket this week, the usu­al traf­fic and crowds were non-ex­is­tent.

CAL Cargo accepting relief supplies until November 23

Caribbean Airlines Cargo says it is accepting shipments of relief supplies as sent from any of the airline’s North American, Caribbean and South American destinations, effective immediately and ending at midnight on 23 November, 2018.

In a statement issued on Friday, CAL said that shipments will attract freight and handling charges specified by Caribbean Airlines Cargo.

It said that packaged items that will be accepted by Caribbean Airlines Cargo as relief supplies are as follows:

• Towels, sheets and linens

• Large plastic storage containers

CAL not associated with collection drive of New York restaurant

Caribbean Airlines says it has become aware of a post currently circulating on social media by an entity called “Trini Gyul Restaurant & Bar” with its address at 112-16 Liberty Ave South Richmond Hill, NY 11419, which claims that it is collecting specific items for victims of the recent flooding in Trinidad.

The post goes on to claim that Caribbean Airlines is shipping these items for free once goods are dropped off at that location.

Poultry industry assures no shortage despite flood losses

The Poultry Association of Trinidad and Tobago (PATT) says there are adequate supplies of local poultry available to meet the demand for chicken notwithstanding some losses incurred by producers and farmers resulting from the recent floods.

In addition, PATT says the local poultry industry has committed to redoubling their efforts to ensure a full supply for the upcoming Christmas and Carnival Seasons.

It says the poultry industry has a proven track record over the last 50 plus years of providing our valued customers with products that are nutritious, safe and healthy.

TSTT installs free internet at flood shelters

The Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT) has begun installing internet services in flood shelters throughout Trinidad and Tobago. 

TSTT says it is being done as part of its continued commitment to national service and in particular ensuring that the national community remains properly connected even in times of natural disasters.