Super gasoline poured into gas station's diesel tank - NP responds

Sale of diesel at an NP gas station in Diego Martin has been suspended after it was discovered that traces of super gasoline were found in its diesel supply.

A peculiar scene of customers emptying their fuel tanks at the gas station near Starlite plaza went viral on social media.

The incident, which happened on Wednesday, reportedly alarmed patrons who were present at the station.

The gas station's manager Eli Zakour said the incident was exacerbated by the video and one patron who created a ruckus and he and his staff worked to ensure no one's car was damaged due to the issue.

In a release, NP said it is aware of fuel contamination that occurred at the NP Diego Martin Service Station on 2019 Wednesday, July 10 at approximately 1 pm when super fuel was inadvertently discharged into the diesel fuel storage tank. 

The release added, "As an immediate measure, the sale of diesel fuel at this station was suspended and maintenance technicians were deployed to the site to remove the product from the tank and take remedial action to flush the entire system."
Zakour and NP both confirmed the premium fuel and super fuel at this service station were unaffected and the sale of these products continued without issue. 

A new supply of product (diesel) was delivered to the Diego Martin Service Station, but sale of the fuel remains suspended until the cause of the leak is determined.

In the statement, NP said it continues to advocate for strict compliance with standard procedures for the receipt of fuel at service stations and continues to emphasise to all its site operators/ dealers the critical importance of following the established procedure so that the motoring public continues to receive good fuel quality.

However, Zakour said his staff followed all regulation with regard to the collection and storage of fuel. 

- by Peter Christopher


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