Security guard found murdered aboard cargo vessel

A security officer was found murdered aboard a cargo ship in the Gulf of Paria just off the port of Port-of-Spain on Wednesday.

Jeron Ferdinand of Vine Yard Road, Carenage, was found bound and gagged with a single gunshot to the head.

According to a police report, Ferdinand's body was found at about 10.25 am by crew members aboard the cargo vessel Shouter B, which was anchored off the port.

Ferdinand was the brother of the owner of Empire Bodyguard and Security.

He was assigned to the vessel after a robbery took place there last month.

Relatives are said to be in shock and disbelief, as up to late Wednesday, they remained on land at the Caricom jetty waiting to view the body which was yet to be removed from the vessel.

A motive is yet to be determined, however, investigations are continuing.

 - by Rhondor Dowlat

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