PM has options in CJ sabbatical matter

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has options to stop Chief Justice Ivor Archie from proceeding on a six month sabbatical leave approved by President Anthony Carmona.

A decision which has caused a firestorm of criticism within and outside the judiciary.

These options include directing the treasury not to pay the CJ for the six months, or triggering Section 137 of the Constitution, something which the government has maintained it would not do despite accusations in the public domain about the CJ.

As President Carmona responded late Monday evening to Dr Rowley’s request for an explanation on the authority used to grant the sabbatical leave by reaffirming his decision, legal experts maintained the president had no power to approve the sabbatical leave.

President Carmona claimed there was a “legitimate expectation of the CJ,” based on the debate in parliament on the 98th report of the Salaries Review Commission, that he was entitled to the leave.

In a brief press release late last night, Dr Rowley said he had had the benefit of senior counsel advice after receiving the president’s response and will report to the country on the issue tomorrow after Cabinet meets.


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