Pastor Clive Dottin: “Human trafficking bust at church is frightening and disturbing.”

Wednesday, October 9, 2019 - 08:30

One religious leader is describing this morning's massive human trafficking bust at a popular religious institution in Arouca, as frightening and disturbing.

Seventh Day Adventist Pastor, Pastor Clive Dottin admits the news that men and women were found handcuffed and in cages and possibly being held for ransom left him stunned and somewhat traumatised.

According to Pastor Dottin, a former member of the Police Service Commission, news that 69 people were being held against their will, possibly for years, is enough to shake the faith of all believers.

Pastor Dottin said the incident underscored a betrayal of trust as families had confidence and faith in the institution.

He is advising all citizens to be responsible and do their due diligence and making proper checks, before handing over any loved one to any institution for care, even if those institutions are recommended to them. He believes everyone bears some responsibility for what had been allowed to happen at the Arouca church.


Story by: NEWS DESK