Mom blames muddy road for student’s death

Mud from a business operation in Penal is being blamed for the crash which ended the life of aspiring computer technician Annise Sakawath on Wednesday.

According to investigators, it was raining heavily around 11 am when Sakawath, 21, of Penal Rock Road, died after the car she was in skidded off the road. She was sitting in the backseat of an orange Toyota Ceres driven by Priya Samuel, 21, also of Penal, when tragedy struck. Sakawath’s friend, Vinita Sookraj, 23, of Debe, was in the front passenger’s seat.

As the car neared Scott’s Road it skidded into a utility pole. Sakawath was thrown through the windshield and landed in a drain. She died immediately. An autopsy yesterday revealed she died from intracranial haemorrhage. Samuel and Sookraj were taken to the Siparia District Health Facility where they were treated and transferred to the San Fernando General Hospital.

When Jairam reached the scene of the accident she met her daughter’s body in the drain with water gushing over her. She claimed several other vehicles skidded in that area because of the mud on the road.

“To my understanding and to what I saw it was because of the mud on the road. There is an area where they dig dirt and move out with the trucks… A lot of people ran off the road but nobody had died. It was my daughter who died,” Jairam told the T&T Guardian.

“Even one of our relatives ran off the road right there recently, they told me this last night. Whoever is doing that backfill project, I think that it is totally wrong. Even if they are doing it they should be cleaning up the road,” Jairam said.

Contacted yesterday, Penal/Debe Regional Corporation (PDRC) chairman Dr Allen Sammy said while he could not say what caused the accident, speculation is rife that mud from the operation could have caused the accident.

Sammy said several letters have already been sent to various bodies and officials regarding the problem but the PDRC did not have the authority to take any action against the quarry owners.

Yesterday, Samuel’s parents visited Sakawath parents at the hospital’s bereavement counsellor’s office. Jairam said her daughter and Sookraj were friends since they attended Penal Secondary School and would have both celebrated their birthdays on Sunday.

Jairam said the friends left to do some shopping because they had planned to spend Saturday night at a nightclub. Around 11.30 am, she got a call but could not hear what the caller was saying. She sent for a phone card and later spoke to Samuel’s mother and the harrowing news of Sakawath’s death.

“When I reached there I saw her in the drain. Water was running over her. There wasn’t any mud on her so I guess water washed her whole body,” Jairam said.

She said her husband, Raphael Sakawath, would usually take their daughter to and from school. However, because school finished early and he had taken the car to repair, Sakawath decided to travel that day but got a ride from Samuel.

Source: (Kevon Felmine)