El Socorro man dies in car crash

Three weeks after his father told him that losing his driver’s permit in a party was a “sign” 21-year-old was killed instantly in a crash just mere days it was found and returned to him. Nikoli Lyons, of El Socorro, was returning to his home from Trincity where he picked up a female friend when he lost control of his brown Honda Civic.

The vehicle he was driving flipped several times on the westbound lane of the Churchill-Roosevelt Highway just after the Trincity intersection. T

he car landed in a river on its hood. Lyons died on the scene while his female friend of Trincity walked away “miraculously” without major injuries. Speaking with the T&T Guardian yesterday at the Forensic Science Centre in St James, Lyons’ father Steve Ramdeen said his son was on his way home to pack to go to Toco at a beach house for the weekend. “The biggest sign for me was when his driver’s permit fell out his pocket while at a party.

I told him to quit driving for a while but the police found it and called him to collect it. Just a few days ago he collected it and started back to drive,” Ramdeen said. “Imagine last week Saturday my son celebrated his birthday and now this Saturday he died in a crash. This hit me real hard, I haven’t eaten since Saturday, he was my only son.

I have a daughter left now. He was my pain when he didn’t listen to me, but, he was my joy too,” he added. Investigations are continuing.

Source: www.guardian.co.tt 

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