Cabinet colleagues unable to visit 'seriously ill' McDonald in hospital

Public Administration Minister Marlene McDonald remains at hospital but her colleagues have not been able to visit her.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley told a local radio station that McDonald was seriously ill.

CNC3 understands that McDonald was showing early signs of pneumonia.

However, we are told she was admitted to hospital just in time.

On Saturday, a statement from the Communications Ministry advised of the minister's hospitalisation but only stated that she is being treated for an existing medical condition.

A source close to the government revealed that Planning Minister Camille Robinson-Regis attempted to visit McDonald this morning at the St Clair Hospital.

She, however, was not permitted to see her.

It is unclear why.

A statement from the Communications Ministry today stated that the prime minister is awaiting confirmation on the full nature of her illness.

We are told it is unlikely she will be discharged today.

She did not respond to text messages sent to her by CNC3.

Meanwhile, the Communications Ministry says the latest information is that Minister Maxie Cuffie is expected to return to Trinidad by the end of this month.

Cuffie has been out of the country since last year after falling ill.


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